In Dark Times: How Do you Keep Your Inner Light?

May 1st, 2017

As a collective, there's no doubt we've been going through it. Despite the "enlightenment" package that's continuously sold, life is far from "rainbows and unicorns". In this episode, Jason and Monica discuss strategies on how to handle the inevitable times of darkness that surface in all of our lives. The question that's put forward is : How Do you keep your Inner Light? The hosts have a serious, yet lively discussion that we can all benefit from.


Where They At Though?

April 17th, 2017

In this podcast episode, the hosts cover some serious territory. In life, sometimes we take things for granted. Specifically, the notion that people who truly care about us, our success and our well-being will most likely support us in any endeavor that we choose to undertake. Unfortunately, this plays out much better in theory than in actual practice. Please tune in as Jason and Monica discuss why those closest to us are sometimes the LAST to support us in our endeavors, dreams and goals. You don't want to miss this!!


“Throw Out The Ruler : You Don’t Need To Measure Up! “

March 22nd, 2017

Yet again, we have another thought-provoking episode from the hosts, Jason and Monica. One of the most damaging things that we can do as human beings is to measure our worth and our accomplishments by comparing ourselves to other people. All too often, we bypass our internal value systems in favor of striving for a societally driven and largely illusory standard of what constitutes true and lasting success. Please tune into this great discussion of how we can become much more fulfilled by deprogramming the need to "measure up" in today's world.


Purposeful Miseducation: When Critical Thinking is No Longer The Standard

March 6th, 2017

Every single day, we're bombarded with tons of information from a variety of sources. With the sheer volume of content that we're presented with, there must be a filtering mechanism that we can use to discern the quality of information. Hopefully, for all of us, critical thinking plays a big part in the process. However, it can be argued that we're being purposefully miseducated so we DON'T think about things with the level of depth that we should or ask the questions which will help us to arrive at the critical answers we need, which are instrumental to our overall development. Please join the hosts in this discussion and exploration of possible reasons why this miseducation is taking place.


Deflated Balloons and Faded Roses: Did Your Relationship Survive Valentine’s Day?

February 20th, 2017

Ah... Valentine's Day. As a society, we place a great deal of emphasis on the romance and fanfare that comes with this holiday. In this episode, Jason and Monica explore the collective attitudes and the effects they have on the individual psyche. When it comes to our relationships, do we really know what fulfills us? Are we being honest about our needs? Or, are we allowing consumerism and comparisons to "others" to dictate or manufacture our enjoyment? Join us for this thought provoking discussion.


Double Standards: When What’s Good For the Goose is NOT Good For the Gander

February 5th, 2017

Double standards run rampant in our society in almost every way you can think of. With the prevailing political climate in this country, we're certainly getting the message that there are many more of these to come. In this episode, Jason and Monica touch on double standards and how they can affect us individually and collectively.


I’m Working On It: How To Create The Path To Your Own Greatness

January 29th, 2017

Hopefully, we're all making continuous assessments of our life progress. We may be asking ourselves questions such as: What am I working on? Or, What am I working towards? Sometimes, we struggle with concrete methods that we can implement into our daily lives to forge our path toward progress. In this discussion, Jason and Monica cover potential strategies that we can use, and markers we can set in creating the path to our own greatness in our chosen fields of endeavor. Please tune in for this can't miss episode!! 


Don’t Get Burned- DISCERN !!

January 8th, 2017

You definitely don't want to miss this episode!!! Jason and Monica discuss how we can go about exercising discernment when it comes to guidance, specifically in the "new age" community. How do you know if the person that you're dealing with is legitimate and viable? How can we use our judgment in order to create the experiences we desire and get the help that we need? Please join us for some lively and stimulating "back and forth."


“Ain’t Sh*t Changed But The Date: Why the New Year Doesn’t Mean a New You”

January 2nd, 2017

Going into 2017 strong, Jason and Monica explore the topic of New Year's resolutions and commitents from the viewpoint that a change in the year has nothing to do with the actual changes that you've decided to (or not to) make. The hosts advocate an approach to 2017 which includes ruthless honesty and self-confrontation as a means to progress. Tune in because you don't want to miss this show!!


“You’re Doing Too Much” : Maintaining Healthy Time & Energy Management

December 26th, 2016

In this episode of Clear & Present Conversations with J & M, Jason and Monica discuss the dangers of doing too much. It can be an awful feeling to "crash and burn" because we've spread ourselves too thin. We suffer spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Tune into this thought provoking discussion in regard to what may be behind these behaviors and how we can properly manage our time and energy to promote balance and harmony in our lives.


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